Manage & monitor all your heat pumps remotely​

Homely Connect: the brand agnostic installer portal that allows you to manage your heat pump installs, sends proactive alerts and helps you diagnose issues remotely. 

Reduced callouts

Eliminate unnecessary trips to customer sites.

Smart diagnostics

Identify and troubleshoot problems before they become emergencies.

Remote maintenance

Proactively monitor performance and ensure optimal heat pump operation.

Faster fixes

Make changes and resolve issues remotely, saving time and resources.

Homely Connect features

Installation overview

Homely Connect provides remote access to your installed heat pumps to give you better insights and provide better service. The overview pages allows you to see:

  • Set Points & Temperatures: Gain instant access to current and programmed temperature settings, ensuring optimal comfort for the homeowner.
  • Heat Pump Details: View detailed information about the specific heat pump model, including specifications and performance data.
  • Customer Schedules: Review homeowner-programmed schedules for heating and cooling operation, guaranteeing the system aligns with their preferences.

Live & historical heat pump data

Homely Connect empowers you to go beyond a basic installation. Gain valuable insights into the heat pump’s performance with real-time data.

  • Lots of data points: Get a comprehensive picture of heat pump health.
  • React quickly: Investigate any issues with access to both real-time and historical data
  • Historical Data: Learn from trends and predict future needs.

Make remote parameter changes

With Homely Connect, you can see all set parameters for the heat pump, allowing quick diagnosis of potential issues. Better still, you can edit parameters remotely (if applicable) to help resolve any issues you find – avoid an unnecessary site visit.

All your installs in one place

Homely Connect simplifies managing multiple heat pump brands by being brand agnostic. Gain a quick overview of your entire installation base, allowing you to see at a glance if any heat pumps require attention and where they are.

Homely Connect Pricing

Homely Connect is in early access, so you can access all Pro features for FREE. After the early access period ends, you’ll need a Pro licence to access Pro features.



Map view
Band agnostic
Status alerts
Remote parameter changes

Advanced support

Historical data range
3 days
Chart data points
All available
Number of users
Cost per hub
£20 per year*
Annual Account Fee​
£200 per year*
*All prices exclude VAT.​




Map view
Brand agnostic
Status alerts
3 days of historical data
Limited chart data point
1 User




/ year + £20 / hub / year.

All prices exclude VAT.

Map view
Brand agnostic
Status alerts
Remote parameter changes
Advanced support
Unlimited historical data
All chart data points
50 users

Homely's Compatibility

Find your brand and model heat pump in our compatibility list.

Find your Homely Manual

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