Homely Service

We are giving away 25 Homely Service packages for NIBE Uplink users.


NIBE users with NIBE Uplink can connect their heat pump with Homely Energy App completely FREE for the first year. Use promo code 'freeyear' during checkout.


Homely Energy App lets you:

  • Set heating & hot water schedules.
  • Get real time information of your heat pump.
  • Connect your heat pump with variable electricity tariffs, such as Agile Octopus.


Don’t want to switch tariff just yet? Don’t worry! We have an option where you can operate your heat pump as if it was on a variable tariff. Every week we will send you a report on how much money you could have saved if you were on the Agile Octopus.


Get in touch if you would like to learn more about the way our system operates.

Homely Service

  • Our system controls your heat pump using the electricity when it is cheapest. Other information that we use to devise the optimal heating schedules are as follows:

    • Set temperatures to make sure you always feel homely.
    • Weather forecasts
    • Coefficient of Performance of the heat pump at different flow temperatures.