Homely Smart Thermostat

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Homely Smart Thermostat was designed to enable heat pump users to take advantage of variable electricity tariffs, such as Agile Octopus, Economy 7 or other Smart tariffs. By recording temperature in your building our thermostat learns the the time it takes for your house to heat up and cool down. This information is then used in combination with the user temperature preferences, weather forecasts and dynamic electricity prices in an attempt to find the cheapest heating times.

By purchasing Homely Smart Thermostat, you get access to the Homely Optimisation Service for free for 1 year (£25 thereafter).

Homely Smart Thermostat

    • 1x Homely Hub
    • 1x Wireless Homely temperature sensor (Homely Node) to measure

      • Room temperature
      • Humidity
      • Light intensity
    • 3x Wired temperature sensors to measure

      • Temperature leaving the heat pump to your radiator/underfloor system
      • Temperature returning to the heat pump from radiator/underfloor system
      • Temperature of hot water tank
    • 1x Power Supply

    • Access to Homely App allowing the user to

      • Remotely control their heating and hot water production
      • Check estimated savings achieved by using Homely system