Evergreen Energy’s Domestic Services Division Acquired by SMS plc.

PRESS RELEASE: Monday 21st August 2023

We are pleased to confirm that SMS plc, the integrated energy infrastructure company, has acquired our domestic services division.  The domestic services division specialises in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy assets, including heat pump, solar and battery storage for homeowners.  The division will continue to operate using the Evergreen Energy brand as part of SMS plc.

Our other divisions, including the Homely and Easy MCS brands are not included in the transaction and will operate independently from the Evergreen Energy brand going forward.

We believe the acquisition makes not only strong commercial sense for both organisations but will help accelerate the rollout of renewables in the UK.  We look forward to working with SMS plc going forward as a partner for Homely, supporting SMS’ innovative behind-the-meter and demand flexibility propositions with our home energy management and optimisation capability.