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Smarter heat pump, Smarter home

Homely: The intelligent controller that optimises your heat pump and reduces your energy bills.
Homely customer app

Lower energy bills

Save on your energy bills & leverage off-peak tariffs.

Reduced carbon

Avoid 2 tonne of CO2 p/y, equivalent to driving 9000 mi.

Effortless comfort

Set the temperature you want and Homely does the rest.

Remote servicing

Have peace of mind that your system is running effectively.

Why choose Homely?

Homely customer app and node

Save money and the planet

For our customers, Homely is the real hero: saving the planet with more efficient energy usage, all while generating significant cost savings. Expect a return on investment within one year. Everything after that is money in your pocket.

With Homely, you reduce your carbon footprint, by both achieving a high Coefficient of Performance (CoP) and targeting green energy with our Premium features. That means your heat pump is operating at maximum efficiency, which is good for you and good for the environment, too.

Smarter energy use

Let Homely take advantage of cheaper energy periods, making the most of off-peak hours.

Beat the weather

By using weather forecasting, Homely quickly adapts to outside temperatures.

Automatic and agile

Stay at your ideal temperature. Use Holiday Mode and Hot Water Boost as needed.

A helping hand

Homely has the data to help your installer resolve any issues with your heat pump, anytime.

Get Homely for your home

Optimise your heat pump with a quick and easy Homely installation. Request a referral to one of our trusted installers in your area.

Why installers choose Homely?

It’s good for business

Customers get a dramatically improved user experience, save money and optimise their heat pump’s energy efficiency. Installers can monitor and make changes to heat pumps, reducing call-outs and allow you to diagnose problems remotely using Homely Connect.

After an easy setup, Homely will automatically take over optimal running of the heat pump, with no need for complex weather compensation curve calculations or repeat visits.

Homely hub and installer service portal

Happy customers

An installer’s reputation is built on customer satisfaction. We bring in 5-star ratings.

Fast installs

Installations take less than 45 minutes, making this the easiest job you’ve ever done.

Homely support

The Homely team offers expert support, as well as installer training from trusted distributors.

Remote monitoring

Get the data to monitor heat pumps, proactively solve issues and minimise call-outs.

“An effortless experience”

“My experience of Homely has been effortless. Heat pump ownership involves a good bit of tinkering and monitoring. Homely takes that all away: it couples perfectly with my time-of-use tariff and is super-efficient. No input needed on the part of the homeowner. My energy costs have gone down significantly. Plus the app is brilliant — very simple, set-and-forget. I’ve paid for the Premium features next year as it pays for itself.”

– Conor, Greater Manchester

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