How Homely DFS assist makes heat pumps work for you

Staying Warm, Helping the Grid, and Getting Rewarded: 

Have you ever heard of the “Demand Flexibility Service” (DFS)? It’s a new program that rewards households for using less electricity during peak hours, typically winter evenings when everyone’s at home. Sounds complicated, right? Well, with Homely DFS Assist, it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine this: it’s a chilly winter evening, and you come home to a warm and cosy house. But here’s the secret – you participated in a program that helped balance the national electricity grid, and you even earned some extra cash for it! That’s the magic of Homely DFS Assist.

Why is Managing the Grid Important?

Think of the electricity grid as a giant balancing act. Power companies need to constantly match the amount of electricity being generated with the amount people are using. During peak hours, like winter evenings when everyone uses their appliances and heating, balancing the grid becomes trickier. Traditionally, power plants burn fossil fuels to ramp up production during these times.

The Power of Flexibility

But what if the grid could pay households to use less electricity instead? That’s where DFS comes in. This program incentivises households to reduce their power consumption during specific periods, typically during peak hours. Most people participate by adjusting their lifestyles, using slow cookers instead of ovens or bundling up with an extra jumper. However, this can be inconvenient and disrupt your daily routine.

Homely Steps In: Effortless Comfort and Rewards

Homely saw an opportunity to make DFS effortless for heat pump owners. We leveraged our deep understanding of heat pump technology to develop a system that automatically participates in these programs on your behalf. Here’s how it works:

  • Smart Monitoring: Homely constantly monitors the grid for upcoming “flexibility events” announced by the Electricity System Operator.
  • Personalised Comfort: We then calculate the ideal pre-heating strategy for your specific home. This ensures your house remains comfortably warm even with the heat pump temporarily off during peak hours.
  • Seamless Efficiency: Homely DFS Assist automatically adjusts your heat pump to achieve this pre-heating and then seamlessly switches to a lower power mode during the peak period.
  • No Discomfort, Just Rewards: You don’t have to lift a finger or sacrifice any comfort. The system works silently in the background, and when the flexibility event ends, your heat pump resumes normal operation.

The Power of Many

While individual savings are great, the real power of DFS lies in collective action. Imagine thousands of Homely DFS Assist users across the country automatically reducing their power consumption during peak hours. The impact can be significant. On one specific date (December 12th, 2023), the combined reduction in electricity demand was roughly equivalent to every household in the program turning off their microwave at the same time!

Homely DFS Assist: A Win-Win for Everyone

By participating in DFS through Homely, you get to:

  • Stay warm and comfortable: Enjoy a cosy home environment even during peak hours.
  • Earn rewards: Get paid for helping to balance the grid.
  • Do your part for a greener future: Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a more sustainable energy system.
  • Experience a smarter home: Homely DFS Assist showcases the power of smart technology to simplify your life and benefit the environment.

If you’re a heat pump owner, Homely DFS Assist is a perfect way to experience the benefits of flexibility in a completely effortless way. Stay warm, help the grid, and earn rewards – it’s a win-win for everyone!

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