Homely is the smart thermostat specifically designed for heat pumps.

Already actively distributing renewable energy systems like heat pumps but potential sales being frustrated by projected running costs? Keen to offer cutting edge products and solutions that really do deliver for customers and the planet?

You should add the Homely smart thermostat to your portfolio.

We are looking for distributors who share our commitment to the environment. The Homely smart thermostat is key to a greener, cleaner future and it can help reduce bills.

We can deliver a full spectrum of training and support for your technical, operational, sales and marketing teams. We work in partnership with distributors towards the goal of every installation being a success, and every customer being satisfied.

Homely’s vision is to be the beating heart of the smart eco-home and we have a clear roadmap of future integration with other renewable devices. Partner with us today and together we can deliver a greener, cleaner future. Our integration plans cover EV, PV and batteries and we expect to start bringing these online soon. We are also actively working on how Homely can drive grid protection through DSR.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Homely smart thermostat distributor then call us on 0161 818 9005 or email us at homely@evergreenenergy.co.uk and we’ll get the ball rolling.