If you’re installing heat pumps, here’s what you need to know about the Homely Smart Thermostat

What makes Homely different? It is the only smart thermostat built specifically for heat pumps. It’s not a thermostat that can work on heat pumps – it’s a thermostat designed solely to work with heat pumps. Every function and feature is tailored to heat pumps.

Homely is great for homeowners but we’ve also worked hard to make it great for installers too. It’s easy to install and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Homely for installers

Training, tools, optimised Weather Compensation and recognition

Installer training

We have a dedicated team of support staff ready to deal with any enquiries. We’ll provide you with tailored installation manuals for all compatible heat pumps. We’re on hand to answer any queries that might arise and can also undertake remote checks of your initial projects. Got some specific questions? Just ask.

Installer tools

For each installation, you’ll receive a manufacturer specific pack with everything needed inside. We’ll also give you access to our Installer app to help your installations and commissioning go completely to plan. The app includes step by step instructions on how to complete the installation, including a self-diagnostic checklist to ensure that the thermostat is remotely connected.

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No more Weather Compensation headaches

The real Homely game changer?

Effortless Weather Compensation that’s tailored precisely to the home. We know that Weather Compensation settings are often based on best guesses or the unit’s pre-sets. Better than nothing, but not great. Homely takes this to the next level by learning the characteristics of the home it has been installed in, using this, and local weather forecasts, to set the Weather Compensation to perfectly match the property. The resulting optimised flow temperatures mean increased efficiencies, potential savings, a reduced carbon footprint and happy customers.

Installer recognition

We know that installers are key to us achieving our goal of a greener, cleaner future. We offer exclusive kit discounts, free kit at specific installation milestones and customer referrals. Our Homely Installer Scheme makes sure your support is recognised and rewarded.

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