Homely – your options

Homely works with different heat pumps in different ways. Some heat pumps need Homely hardware installed, some can work without the hardware (known as an API), some can do either.

To find the Homely configuration that’s right for you we just need to know which heat pump you want Homely to work with. Select yours from the drop down menu.

Select your Heat Pump

Homely for Samsung Heat Pumps

Homely hardware is compatible with Samsung heat pumps. However, there are just a couple of extra points that we need to check off to make sure your installation goes smoothly. Please ask your heat pump installer, or the professional you have selected to install Homely, to give us a call and we’ll clarify everything with them. It might be easier for them to purchase the hardware on your behalf.

What's included (May vary by heat pump manufacturer)

Homely Hub

1 x
Homely Hub Top Down

The Homely Hub is where all the smart stuff comes together, making sure your heat pump operates in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Wireless Homely temperature sensor
(Homely Node)

1 x

This will measure:

  • Room temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light intensity

Wired temperature sensors

3 x

They will measure:

  • Temperature leaving the heat pump to your radiator/underfloor system
  • Temperature returning to the heat pump from radiator/underfloor system
  • Temperature of hot water tank

Power Supply

1 x

For powering your Homely Hub.

The easy-to-use Homely App puts you in control

From £199.99