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Homely. The smart controller that optimises Heat Pumps.

Heat your home efficiently and reduce your heating bills by up to 25%.

What makes Homely the smartest choice for controlling a heat pump?

Reduce your heating bills
by up to 25%

Everything optimised, just leave it all to Homely


A cosy, comfortable home – just how you like it

Controlled via our app with all the features you’d expect, like Holiday Mode and Hot Water Boost

Quick to set up, easy to use

The Homely Temperature Node is wireless so no internal drilling or wiring

How Homely works

A bespoke optimised heating schedule for each and every day


Homely learns...

  • The Wireless Temperature Node tracks how the house heats and cools down
  • Which heat pump has been installed and factors that in
  • How you like your house heated


Homely is driven by data...

  • Weather forecasts for the coming day in your location
  • How much sun will hit your home the next day
  • Applicable Smart tariff data. On a Smart tariff like Octopus Agile? Homely will access the next days electricity prices and factor that into its optimisation


Homely communicates

Unlike other controllers, Homely doesn’t constantly switch the heat pump on and off. Instead it maintains a two-way dialogue with the heat pump, ensuring it is being run in the most efficient way possible

What to expect with Homely

Really, it’s what to expect from having a Heat Pump. Homely is just optimising its efficiency. Heat pumps are different to boilers and some things will become apparent quite quickly.

  • Your heat pump will be on a lot – that’s as it should be. Heat pumps work best when they heat the home gently and constantly. You can still achieve savings because they are so efficient and Homely is taking that to the max.
  • Your home is heating gradually so your radiators don’t need to be hot to the touch.
  • The best of both worlds. How so? Homely runs your heat pump in the most efficient way possible, which is slowly and constantly. That means a comfortable, consistent cosiness, delivered in most optimised way possible.

Where can I get Homely?

Homely can be purchased by any of our Approved Installers via our distribution partners. If you’d like a Homely, ask your chosen heat pump installer to get in touch and we’ll get them all signed up.

Are you an Installer? We’ve a dedicated area of the website for you here. It has everything you need to know about becoming an Approved Installer.

Homely. The future of the optimised, electrified home.

Today, Homely is the smartest way to control and optimise a heat pump. Tomorrow Homely will become the smartest way to control the optimised, electrified home.

Heat pump, Solar PV, EV and Battery Storage – all being managed in the smartest way possible. That is closer than you may think. We have a Homely in a real home already doing this.

There is more work to be done before we can make it widely available but, rest assured, you are future-proofing your future home energy management system requirements with Homely.

Existing Homely customer?