Stay one step ahead of the proposed ban on gas boilers in new-build homes. Start installing heat pumps with Homely smart thermostats as standard today.

Homebuilders have the opportunity to be at the vanguard of smarter, cleaner and cheaper home heating. By installing heat pumps with the Homely smart thermostat included, you can positively differentiate your homes to potential buyers. The new residents will be able to enjoy impactful savings whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Homely does all the hard work leaving the new owners to enjoy their cosy new home.

Homely’s vision is to be the beating heart of the smart eco-home and we have a clear roadmap of future integration with other renewable devices. Installing Homely smart thermostats as standard is a great way to practically evidence your commitment to net-zero carbon to stakeholders and key decision makers. You’re handing over a home that is all set for an eco-friendly future.

With Homely’s savings potential, it’s also the smart choice for the affordable housing component of any development. Homely can help keep residents out of the fuel poverty trap whilst also ensuring that the fabric of the property is protected by avoiding underheating and the resultant moisture and mold.

Homely can also help in other ways. Whether it’s protecting the grid by being part of a demand side response solution or working with other teams within the Evergreen Energy group to consult and deliver innovative power solutions for developers, we are here to help and could be able to guide you to fresh revenue opportunities.

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